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Planning is too important for the beginning of a project

Agile Project Management Podcasts

I was recently interviewed by Dina Scott from the Controlling Chaos podcast show. It was a good  discussion that contrasts agile and traditional project management, iterative development, adaptation, and the agile emphasis on empowered teams.

It was produced in two parts, part one can be found here (it really starts 8:45 in) and part two is here. As always, I would be interested in hearing your comments.


Sanjay Roy

I have been involved with Agile development practice (or was it really Agile?) for last two years. In my search for comprehensive resource on Agile project management practices, i have never seen such a great informative site as yours. It is very enlighting and contain real life examples. I am delighted to be able to find this site.

I believe that in the years to come, cut-throat competition will make organizations to adopt Agile delivery as standard practice rather then a prevailing few doing so now...

Considering the enormous benefit it bring to the table will outweight all the impediments...

"Change is the gratest constant" Agility is a way of life

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