The Future of Agile
An introduction to Agile Project Leadership – Part 1

Agile Leadership Domain

Agile_leadership_venn_1 The Venn diagram shown here (click on it for a larger view)was created to help explain the context of agile project leadership (shown in orange). It is intended to illustrate the inclusion of elements from the Agile Methods, Leadership Theory and Traditional Project Management domains. The dots within the regions indicate a non-exhaustive list of example topics that fall in that realm. For instance Agile Methods often contain guidance for testing techniques that fall outside the everyday province of agile leadership, while servant leadership is common to Agile leadership and regular leadership theory.

The model is not ideal, you could consider visioning or risk management as part of agile methods and while the activities of agile teams certainly create a guiding vision and mitigate risk early by iterative development. These activities are principle based and do not fully embrace the full spectrum of visioning and risk management activities so I moved them.

Models have limitations, the intent here is to visualize context and promote discussions. If it generates a debate about where a topic should really reside or how the circles actually overlap its primary purpose has been served. As always I welcome everyone’s feedback.


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