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Future_signl_1 What should the Agile Alliance be focussing on? What can the APLN do to change how projects are managed? I will be attending the Agile Alliance directors planning meeting in Portland, Oregon at the end of January and the Agile Project Leadership Network directors meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah in February to discuss these topics and welcome ideas and suggestions from readers,

The Agile Alliance has a large (and growing) membership of supporters and with proceeds raised from events like the Agile 2006 conference in Minneapolis, memberships, and corporate sponsorship is able to fund research into Agile methods and other ventures. What areas of agile research are most deserving: distributed team techniques, new testing techniques, or the wider use of agile outside of IT projects?

This year’s Agile 2007 conference will be held in Washington D.C., but where should the 2008 conference be held? Given the rise in attendance figures, the 2008 conference could have between 1,500 – 1,800 people. Which cities would make good candidates for a conference of this size? The conference is intended to be the premier event in the Agile community for North America so perhaps it is time for a trip to Toronto, Canada or Cancun, Mexico?

What about the APLN, should we be working closer with the PMI to form Agile Special Interest Groups (SIG), or rent booths at the PMI Global Congress to promote the APLN, how about extensions to the PMBOK for Agile projects?

I’d be pleased to receive your suggestions for how these groups could best serve the needs of their members as agile methods continue to evolve and their adoption expands.


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