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Pmisac_2To my surprise, this blog won the PMISAC award for Project Management Literature last night at the 2007 Awards Gala Dinner. This is a great endorsement, I work on the blog in my spare time and it provides a large encouragement to continue and do more.

I also think having a blog considered for a literary award demonstrates how progressive the PMISAC is. It was not long ago that blogs were more the domain of developers than project managers. It is very encouraging to see alternative media branches recognized.



Oh, don't be modest, Mike. It's okay to admit to yourself, "I TOTALLY deserved this." :)

And congratulations. You do deserve it.

James Kovacs

Congratulations, Mike. Glad to see your accomplishments and contributions being recognized.

Daryl Kulak

This is an amazing blog, Mike. You really deserve that award. I can't believe how much effort you put into each post, including all the graphics and the coherence of each thought.

I've been subscribed through Google Reader for a month or so, and I never miss a post that you write.

Keep up the great work! And congratulations!

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