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Popular Posts as PDFs - One year of LeadingAnswers

AgilityI have been blogging on this site for a year now and it has been lots of fun. With 82 articles and 33,000 visitors from 127 countries, I have made plenty of contacts that I would not have made otherwise and learned lots in the process.

A couple of people have commented that it is hard to print articles from this site and so I have created a separate page with some of the more popular posts as PDF documents for download or printing. Just click on the "Articles as PDF documents" link of the top right of this page.

Who knows what year 2 will bring, but I’d like to hear from you so I have added a “Suggest a Topic” email link too.  Drop me a line and if your topic catches my fancy I’ll write about it.

Thanks for reading.


Daryl Kulak

I was one of the people who commented about the pages being hard to print. Thank you very much for providing the PDF versions of the articles. That's great.

I've enjoyed reading every one of your posts. You have great insight into the Agile lifecycle and how it affects leaders.

Keep up the great work, Mike!

Happy blog-anniversary! I really enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good work! :)

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