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Agile 2008 – “Leadership and Teams” Stage

Agile Project Leadership Training Course

Agile_help_4 On February 4-5th I will be co-instructing with Sanjiv Augustine our new “Agile Project Leadership” training course in Manchester, UK. Sanjiv is the author of the excellent “Managing Agile Projects” book and fellow APLN board member.

This is a fast paced, practical focussed course that covers agile project management, leadership, and avoiding common agile project pitfalls.

You can find further details including a course outline at here.


Leadership Training

Positive thought and positive talk are integral to thinking and functioning as a leader. You must learn to face head-on your fears about competition, your abilities, and the abilities of your team or group. Only then can you begin to win and to raise the quality of your team's work to a higher level. Just like the coach of that Super Bowl-winning team, you've got to visualize yourself winning. Visualizing the win will help you to take the right actions to achieve the outcome you want.

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