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Travel and Training

TravelI have been traveling and training lots recently and not had much time to post new entries here.

However, the travel time has allowed me to read more and two books I am current enjoying are Leadership Agility by Joiner, Josephs and A Leader Becomes a Leader by J. Sheehan.



Neither is specifically about Agile methods, but both highlight great ideas that are universally applicable. I will post complete reviews when I have finished them.

My traveling and training courses continue next week when I will be teaching a public 2 day Agile Project Management course in Scottsdale for the PMI. I will be repeating it in Seattle May 20-21 and Washington D.C. August 11, 12.

Other public courses coming up include a 1 day in Sacramento June 20 and a two day in Anchorage September 11-12. These courses are proving popular (Scottsdale and Seattle are sold-out) but I also offer private courses that can be tailored to company requirements. Please see here for a full list.

Once the Scottsdale course is over I will resume regular postings here.


Mike Cottmeyer

I wanted to second your recommendation of "Leadership Agility". I read it a few months back and found it fantastic. A must read.

Don Lebell

The extraterrestrial with whom I share a blog is quite impressed with your website's scope, feel and accessibility. He suggests that the book we co-authored, MANAGING GLOBAL SURVIVAL might be of interest in the ideas espoused but also in it's somewhat unique format. (And I've learned to not argue with him anymore.)

Keep up your good work!

Don Lebell

Jonathan Rasmusson

Good to hear you are keeping busy Mike.
Would love to get together when you get back.
Both those books sound interesting - looking forward to the summary.

Cheers - JR

Travel Business

I really enjoyed reading this article. Some very interesting points to think about. Thanks a tonne for sharing this information and hope to read more from you. :)

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