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Calgery APLN Meeting Slides Posted

On May 15 I presented on “Decomposing large programs into agile projects” and “Mapping the PMI Processes to Agile Best Practices” at the Calgary APLN meeting. I have uploaded the slides in PDF format and also a zip file containing the hyperlinked Process Groups / Knowledge Areas mapping to Agile practices. (You will need to unzip the PowerPoint slide and Word files into the same directory for the hyperlinks to work correctly.)

Calgary APLN May 15 Slides.pdf

PMI Agile Mappings.ZIP

The timing of the presentation was very close to Michele Sliger and  Stacia Broderick’s release of their new book “The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility”. I was hoping we could give a copy of their book away as a door prize, but the book was available about a week too late. However, I received a copy this weekend (thanks Michele, Stacia) it looks good and I look forward to reading it. We also have some copies on order as door prizes for future meetings.


Jon Strickler

I appreciate this bridging approach. I just came back from a conference where I presented on agile. One of the round tables was on "can agile work in your organization." I am surprised by how many people said that because their requirements and goals were not stable, agile would not work for their company. Helping traditionalist see how they can get from where they are to a better approach without falling off a cliff is a big step in the right direction.

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