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Agile Costa RicaNext week I will be teaching two one-day agile workshops and an executive summary session in Costa Rica. The courses are organized by Invenio University Research and Education and will be taking place in the capital, San Jose.

I will be travelling with my friend and colleague Dustin Aleksiuk, who usefully speaks great Spanish and lived in Costa Rica for a while. Dustin has translated my slides into Spanish and the plan is for me to be viewing an English slide deck and Dustin keeping the Spanish projected slide deck in sync. We have a real-time interpreter and headsets for attendees and the whole thing should seem as if it is in Spanish. Questions and Answers will go through the interpreter too.

We will try it for a while and poll the audience, who by all accounts will likely speak good English anyway. If the majority of the audience is more comfortable in English rather than second-hand Spanish we will flip to English, but the process of translation has been fun. The Agile acronyms we use to remember key points like INVEST, CRACK, and IKIWISI just do not translate the same.

I have also been in touch with David Alfaro who lives in Costa Rica, writes the Scrum Costa Rica blog and co-ordinated the first ScrumMaster training in Costa Rica. We are organizing a separate presentation for the University after the regular courses have finished and I hope this attracts a good crowd also.

A trip to Costa Rica would be no fun if it were all work and so we have wrapped the 3 days of courses with 5 days of sight-seeing and activities. It should be great and I’ll post a report with a few photo’s when I return.



Have a great time! I'm going to Denver for the PMI Global Congress, and I can't say I'm not envious that you are going to the warmer Costa Rica! I love Costa Rica coffee, be sure to have some while you're there!

Josh Nankivel

Johan M

Hi Mike

I'm from Costa Rica, and it's great to have u and Dustin here.

It's a shame I cannot be able to attend the workshop, but I would like to know more about presentations you are planning with David Alfaro... just in case I can attend to them

Welcome again to CR and have fun here

Pura Vida


Jim Benson

Hope that all goes well!

Custom Research Paper

ya i hope, best of luck

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