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PMI Global Congress

Washington I will be at the PMI Global Congress in Washington D.C. next week presenting on “Reoccurring Resistance to Agile Adoption and Lessons Learned” for successful implementation. Later in the week I will be teaching my SeminarsWorld 2 day Agile Project Management Class.

I am looking forward to the conference, it will be an opportunity to reconnect with members of the PMI Agile Community and attend sessions from the Agile Track.

With all this PMI stuff I have reported recently, you could be forgiven for thinking I have crossed over to the dark-side, but this is not the case – it is just where the action seems to be at the moment.
This last week I also presented at the Agile Tour Calgary event and attended the Calgary Agile Project Leadership Network (CAPLN) season kick-off event to maintain some agile connections too.

The camps are finally blurring now, there are so many agilists with a great understanding of traditional project management and traditional project managers experienced in agile. I really hope in 5-10 years the terms agile and traditional will be obsolete and dropped since everyone will be using a smart new mix of lean, kanban, agile, TOC + whatever better comes along.



How can I connect to PMI Agile community. I am an Agile practitioner with PMP certification. I'd very interested in getting connected with PMI agile group. Does it need a separate login than I currently have on pmi website.

Mike Griffiths

Hi Sandesh,

You can connect with the PMI Agile Community of Practice from the web site. Just look for the "Agile Community of Practice" under "My PMI". You can also check out the temporary wiki at

Best regards

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