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PMBOK Guide – 6th Edition gets an Agile Appendix + All new Agile Practice Guide

Agile 2017

17-2480-Agile_Orlando2017_Speaking_300x250_FM (1)I will be speaking at two presentations at the Agile 2017 Conference next week in Orlando. I am looking forward to catching up with old colleagues and meeting new practitioners, it looks set to be a great event.

My first presentation is called “Bridging Mindsets: Creating the PMI Agile Practice Guide” and is an experience report that tells the story of creating the Agile Practice Guide. This is a new book, sponsored by the Agile Alliance and the Project Management Institute that will be published September 6th. I was Chairman of the writers group and along with Vice-Chair Johanna Rothman we will explain the inputs and constraints to the guide along with our iterative, pair-writing process.

Agile Practice Guide Inputs

My second presentation is called “Integral but Insufficient: Why the Future Needs More than Agile to be Successful”. This one is a little more controversial, claiming large complex projects are rarely successful using agile alone. It is based on my 23-year experience of working on successful and not so successful agile projects, particularly one team that won a PMI “Project Of The Year” award.

It introduces some core observations such as good answers are rarely simple, and processes carry weight while knowledge is weightless:

Agile Conference Slides

Along with suggestions for a more cohesive, comprehensive model that will be the focus of my next book. I am looking forward to sharing these ideas with people and hearing their reactions. I hope to see you there.



Hello Mike,
Greetings from Singapore! This is unique and great collaboration to create the book. I look forward to get a fresh mindset from this new book!

Mike Griffiths

Hi Hendi,
Thanks and greetings from Canmore! I hope you like the book when it comes out in just over a week. It will be available as a free download from both the Agile Alliance and PMI websites.

Parul Choudhary

Hi Mike,

I regularly read your blogs.

Is the Agile Guide that you are talking about is the same as PMBOK V6.0?

Mike Griffiths

Hi Parul, The Agile Practice Guide is separate to the PMBOK v6 Guide. The PMBOK v6 Guide will have an agile appendix and will reference the new Agile Practice Guide which is a new, distinct publication. They should both be available on September 6th.

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