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"Agile Illustrated" - Update

Announcing "Agile Illustrated" Book

Agile Illustrated - Cover small

I am excited to announce a new eBook “Agile Illustrated: A Visual Learners Guide to Agility”.

It is a short, graphical overview of agile and agile team leadership published as an Amazon Kindle eBook.


Using mind-maps, cartoons, and short summaries it covers the agile manifesto, the declaration of interdependence for agile project management, and each of the 7 Domains and 60 Tasks covered in the PMI-ACP exam.

Gain concensus on acceptance criteria

It is short and light read but a powerful study aid for anyone preparing for the PMI-ACP exam. It also serves as a great executive summary for instilling an agile mindset and teaching the leadership behaviors to serve agile teams. With over 70 illustrations, mind-maps and cartoons it engages spatial and visual memory making the points easier to recall and explain to others.

If you think in pictures and like to see how ideas fit together this will be a valuable resource.

Tailor process to environment

This book is ready now and readers of this blog can get special pre-release pricing of $4.99 for just 1 week (normally $9.99) here. Please let me know what you think of it and create an Amazon review, that really helps promote the eBook within Amazon search results.

Agile Manifesto - Agile Illustrated



Osman Doner

Hello, I can not buy this product on Amazon, telling "This title is not currently available for purchase". Is there a region restriction?

Brett Delia

Will this book be available in a physical format?

Mike Griffiths

@Brett, Thanks for asking. Right now it is only available as an eBook. but if there is demand I can make it available as a physical book too.

Melanie Fuchs

Amazon says "Title is not available for purchase". Location is Finland. Is this published to US market only?

Seu Mousky

Oh, too bad. Not available for purchase to those living outside of the USA. Or am I doing something wrong?

Mike Griffiths

@Melanie, Seu, Osman, Sorry you had trouble buying this outside of the US. It should be available in all markets. I have contacted Amazon and hope it is fixed soon.


Nice!! Got my copy from Thanks Mike@

Mike Griffiths

@Charmaine - great, I am glad that site worked and thanks for purchasing it.

Paul Aston

Mike, looks like you have hit it out of the park again. I would be very interested in a paper version I could share with my team.

Mike Griffiths

Thanks, Paul - I will endeavor to get a paper version available as soon as possible.

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