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PMI-ACP and My New Book “Beyond Agile: Achieving Success with Situational Knowledge and Skills”

Announcing My New Book “Beyond Agile”

Beyond Agile Book pic 1I am excited to announce my new book “Beyond Agile: Achieving success with situational knowledge and skills“ is launching. It is available now from RMC in paperback or electronic form here. This post explains the name and motivation for the book. Future posts will profile the content.



Since helping create DSDM in 1994, I have been working on agile projects for 27 years. In that time, I have personally been a member of around 30 teams, coached and consulted with about 400 organizations and taught agile to over 2,000 team leads and project managers worldwide. Statistically, most were around average, a few were really dysfunctional, and less than 10 were exceptionally productive.



Around 8 years ago, I noticed many capable teams were adopting agile but still not being very productive. They had embraced the mindset and were doing all the right things, but success still eluded them. As someone who had dedicated their career to spreading the word about agile and helping organizations adopt it, this was extremely concerning for me. What were they doing wrong? What was I doing wrong?


ResearchResearching Successful Teams

So I went back to study the small number of exceptionally productive teams to look at what they did differently. While they understood agile remarkably well, they did not emphasize its use. Instead, they used a clever mix of agile, leadership, emotional intelligence and industry-specific knowledge to get the work that needed doing today done.


PatternsPatterns and Results Emerge

Patterns emerged, and I explored further. Using these techniques, I was able to help organizations turn around struggling projects and programs. As a result, we outperformed expectations, delighted stakeholders and won a PMI Project of the Year award. One organization documented our approach and submitted it for tax credits in the Canadian research and development SR&D program. It was successful, and they received several millions of dollars in tax credits. The Beyond Agile Model was developed, and this book documents the components.


RemoveThe Obvious, Non-Obvious Need to Remove Process

The Beyond Agile Model has agile at its core; it also layers in additional ideas while encouraging teams to discontinue practices that no longer add sufficient value. Since there are only so many hours in the day, focussing more effort on delivery requires dropping other activities - even if they are agile. It was obvious once I saw it. The most productive teams I studied spent more time delivering and less time on agile ceremonies and other tasks. The non-obvious part was learning what to drop since it varies from team to team, and the book explains the process.


In future posts, I will explain some of the core ideas. Until then, I just wanted to let you know the book is finally done and available here.

Beyond Agile Book pic 4



How can i get it in Canada (Calgary) ? hate to pay Postal and conversion costs
when are you launching it on Amazon.ca ?

Mike Griffiths

Hi Ram,

Thanks for the interest in my new book. For now, it is only available through the publisher, both in paperback form or electronic.

(My other books were ripped off and resold on Amazon by fraudulent resellers with no royalties. I am not sure the publisher is in a rush to repeat that. Although personally, I like the ease of Amazon purchasing.)

I'll see if I can get a few copies and maybe drop one off for you or you can have a drive out to Canmore and pick one up!


Nick F

Congratulations Mike! On the list.

Mike Griffiths

Thanks Nick - Enjoy!


Vikramjit Singh

How can I get the soft copy of this version in india?


Hi Mike,

Congratulations. Could you please let me know how can I get this book. I am from India ( Bangalore).


Mike Griffiths

Hi Vikramjit,

An electronic version is available worldwide, it is the second, cloud-version at the site linked in my blog post.


Mike Griffiths

Hi Annapurna,

The publisher has a distributer in India "ProThoughts Solutions LLP". Here's a link to the distributers page https://rmcls.com/international-distributors/


Christian Tavera

Hi Mike, congratulations! looks interesting, want to read this new update about Agile trends.

Is it going to be available for Mexico and Latam countries in other e-stores (in the short term) or do you recommend to continue on the rmc store?

Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Mike Griffiths

Hi Christian,

I think the only electronic format will be the RMC cloud option - at least for the short term.


Leise Astrid Passer Jensen

Hi Mike, congratulations!
I am aware I have to buy your new book through the publisher, and don't want to pay the same amount of money for an online version which is only available one year. But it is unclear to me if they ship it to Denmark? When I try to calculate tax and shipping for DK it says 0 (free), but that is hardly the case.
Any advice on this?
Br Leise Passer Jensen, CEO AgiliT

Mike Griffiths

Hi Leise,

Thanks for your interest in my book and good question about seemingly free shipping to Denmark. "If it seems too good to be true..." I do not know the real cost but suggest you ask the publisher who also handles all shipping. They can be reached here https://rmcls.com/contact-us/

Best regards

Michael J Frenette

Looks like a book built on a foundation of intelligent observation and solid experience, Mike. Sold!


Thanks for writing this book. Nothing can beat experience. Would love to get a copy.


Hi Mike;
Just like to know is this book helps PMI-ACP Aspirants?

Mike Griffiths

Hi Alex,

Good question, and while it will help for everyday project delivery, it will not help someone prepare for the PMI-ACP exam. It picks up where the PMI-ACP finishes and builds on with more advanced ideas.



Hi Mike
I am eager to read the book.
We at Prothoughts team are excited to distribute the book to the audience in India. Our website address is www.prothoughts.co.in

Mike Griffiths

Hi Siddhant,
Thanks for letting people know you will be distributing my book in India. I have had a lot of interest there.
Best regards

Edith Orozco

Hello Mike:
I'm deep into studying for my coming PMI ACP, so I came by your site to complement my knowledge with some of your articles and I couldn't resist to stop to wish you all the success with your new book, you have a clear way to explain complex concepts, you have humor and incredible insight into all things Agile and I'm sure they all shine through this new book.
Can't wait to get it! But wait, I'll pass the ACP and then get your book!

Mike Griffiths

Hi Edith,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It was great having you as a member of the last Supported Self-Study group. Best of luck with your PMI-ACP exam! Then I am am sure you will find useful content in my Beyond Agile book.
All the best

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