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PM Illustrated Audio/Video Book Now Available

PM Illustrated - new audio video book - Free Sample

I'm excited to announce that the new PM Illustrated Audio/Video Book is now available! It's an excellent resource for visual learners studying for the PMP exam who would rather watch and listen to content rather than read it. It was a pleasure to partner with Barb Waters on this initiative. Her narration is excellent, and she brings the PM Illustrated book content to life.

If you are a visual learner preparing for your PMP exam or know someone who might benefit from this different learning mode, please head to to check it out. There is also a free sample with three videos and >30 minutes of content to get a feel for the format and content before buying.

Project management is a dynamic, vibrant career, so don't study for the PMP exam with dry, boring content. Our comprehension and recall are much stronger for fun and engaging topics. So, use PM Illustrated's visual learning tools as your Guide on the Side for deeper understanding.

See the video book and free samples.